Those Nasty Nazis

Everyone knows there was a group of Nazi scientists experimenting with new technology, rocketry and atomic weapons. Dr. Petzer was one of those scientists who was on the leading edge of discovery. His PhD was in physics with a strong math background. His story is interesting.

   The first thing he told me was that by 1942, Stalin' most elite soldiers were planning the for the first entry into Germany. It wasn’t to establish property rights as most people surmised. It was to acquiesce the most prized possession, German scientists. ​ When Petzer was captured – let me clarify that. When he and a group of military and scientists showed up off a NYC port, floating on a surfaced submarine raising a white flag no knew what was going on. Some dock workers thought is was a joke of sorts not quite looking like a sub they were familiar with. Admiral Mirinz took to a megaphone and asked if someone could get a military officer to accept their surrender. Finally, the light dawned on somebody an…